Where to Find the Best Smoothies in Forestville

A row of three brightly-colored glasses of various smoothies, with fresh fruit on a wood table | smoothies Forestville

There’s nothing better than a cool, revitalizing smoothie on a warm day, and we have some recommendations for great smoothies in Forestville. For residents of our Forestville apartments, these local smoothie joints are just minutes away.


The local smoothie bar Spizzy is a community favorite. Focusing on natural, healthy ingredients, their smoothies are pure deliciousness. Their menu is full of smoothies crafted with classic fruit flavors, as well as more adventurous pairings. A selection of hot or iced teas is also available. If you’re craving a bite to eat with your smoothie, innovative takes on brunch favorites like French toast, smoothie bowls, and waffles are served. Finally, a rotating menu of hand-crafted chef lunches is offered. Order for takeout or delivery today for a refreshing drink and meal.   

Elife Restaurant 

Established in 1995, Elife Restaurant has perfected the art of smoothies. Their large menu is full of staple flavors, as well as trendy new takes. Specializing in natural, vegan foods, you can guiltlessly indulge in their delicious drinks. In addition to their smoothies, a variety of juices and teas are offered. If you want to grab lunch as well, their meals are light and tasty. They offer a wide range of allergen-free foods, so you can safely savor their tempting plates. You can place online orders for delivery or takeout.

Turning Natural

Turning Natural is a juice and smoothie bar with a mission—to bring good, healthy food and drink to every community. Their site is a wealth of information on choosing the best beverage for your health goals. With their unique pairings, you’re sure to discover your newest favorite blend here. Additionally, they serve tantalizing treats like vegan pastries, acai bowls, bean burgers, and waffles. Takeout is available to snag your organic goods.

If you prefer coffee over smoothies in Forestville, these local coffee shops are serving the Forestville community. Our community has lots to offer. If you’d like to join us, then contact us today.

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