Take a Walk on the Wild Side at The National Zoo

a group of tigers at the zoo

An easy drive from The District at Forestville is an exciting attraction that welcomes over two million people every year.

We are talking about the National Zoo, and admission is free 364 days a year.

The zoo opened in 1891, two years after President Cleveland signed an act of Congress into law to establish the National Zoological Park for both “the advancement of science and the recreation of the people.”

Visitors can explore an array of fascinating exhibits, including:

Great Cats

Step into Great Cats to see some of the world’s top predators. You’ll learn about their characteristics and the zoo’s efforts to conserve these species. One of the highlights is the Sumatran tigers. These majestic animals are the smallest of all tigers. Unlike most cats, they enjoy swimming in the water. The webbing between their toes enables them to be fast swimmers, and on land, they can make vertical jumps to approximately sixteen feet. 

American Trail

Get your feet wet in American Trail as the seals and river otters charm the crowd with their antics. This exhibit features animals native to North America, some of which were once nearly extinct.

American Trail is also home to a female raven that paints incredible one-of-a-kind works of art. She uses non-toxic, water-based paint and enjoys learning something new.

American Bison

American bison Wilma and Zora have called the zoo home since 2014. They wallow in the grass and mud to stay cool and play with enrichment items such as bobbins and boxes. American bison inspired the zoo’s founding and helped spark the conservation movement. 

The National Zoo is just one of the world-class attractions near our Forestville, MD apartments. If you are searching for a place to call home, please contact our friendly leasing staff. They would love to give you a tour. 

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